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Learn how high-tech cost/benefit analysis and world-class funding options combined to produce remarkable ROI on a project the customer thought they couldn’t afford to complete.

One of the most common barriers we run into as we’re recommending various commercial HVAC repairs, replacements, and upgrades, is “we can’t afford to take that project on right now.”

Of course, looking at the situation as an experienced energy engineer or HVAC technician, our immediate thought is, “you can’t afford NOT to do this.”

But that disconnect has been at the root of a number of stalled or canceled projects over the years, and unfortunately, some costly emergency repairs down the road. Today, we always do our due diligence by gathering and analyzing the data that will help a customer see the real-world ROI they can expect to receive by investing in a recommended project.

This in-depth case study describes a major project that stayed on the backburner for years until our cost/benefit analysis technology evolved, and we were able to bring in funding options, both of which combined to make the ROI clear.

The project went forward, and has already nearly paid for itself.

There are valuable lessons here for every commercial building owner and facility manager struggling with budgetary concerns around maintaining or upgrading a building’s HVAC.